Academy For Independence: Our Approach

Empowering Teens!

For more than a decade of working with individuals, including  teens, I’ve shown teenagers how they can empower themselves when they are spiraling down in self-esteem and when they lose hope to deal with life themselves, in and out of school.  My work with teens from all walks facilitates their childhood to adulthood journey, with a life-long foundation, on which they can build a vibrant and promising life.  My creative, unique approach allows teens to uncover – even discover – their gifts/talents, expand awareness, and explore never-considered possibilities. Through this transformation, they feel endowed with new gifts and become unstoppable themselves.  This force comes from within, once they acknowledge and become more aware of their capacities, while working as a team with me.  This includes working with teens with learning or developmental disabilities, gifted teens, and teens with typical adolescent issues – victims of bullying, self-image, and peer pressure to fit in, among other everyday issues.

The inspiration for this path I took came from my own struggles starting with my elementary school, which continued through my high school years. These struggles prompted me to take charge of my own problems and to work through them until I felt that I had conquered them. This empowerment, with my commitment to education transformed me throughout college, giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

In my adult life, this transformation further helped me with my dream for the provision of a high quality and creative education by homeschooling my daughters. Watching them blossom into self-reliant, efficient, and creative learners, prompted me to then establish a private practice to continue the fulfillment of my desire to work with teens and parents.

In 2007 I founded the Academy for Independence, with my practice solely focused on teens and their parents. Through this practice, I learned how to empower teens with the tools and self-confidence to embrace success in school and in life. In the process, I also facilitate more ease and joy within the parent-teen relationship. Here are some recent examples of my work to illustrate how my 1:1 sessions cannot just change, but transform things for teens and for their parents:

A 13-year-old was having difficulty adjusting to a new school and his teachers labeled him a “behavioral problem.” His grades plummeted and he lost all hope of ever attending a top college to which he was aspiring. Working with him I was able to help him in a turnaround and he has now gone back to being an “A” student again.

In yet another case a teen, 18, needed some tools to deal with the constant anxiety she felt about her future, losing hope. Again, working with me and with her parents she was transformed with renewed signs of hope, without losing time. She soon received her driver’s license and started driving to the college she aspired to attend with great pride!

Teens are my tribe. I have respect and a keen awareness of teen issues at a deep level. I have tools, strategies, & techniques to meet—even exceed—parental expectations. I value parental dialogue, with the family dynamic in mind.  How this impacts teenagers is not just limited to academics, but also for them to embrace their infinite potential as a creator of a life of their dreams through my workshops and 1:1 sessions.

Although my Academy is based in Santa Cruz, CA, I also work remotely to provide clients the help they need to empower themselves, working with or without their parents.

For a free 15-minuteconsultation with Kimberly, please contact our office at (831) 239-2788 or email us. Sessions available in person, over the phone, video, and Skype.


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