Free Parent Support and Seminars


One-to-One Parent Support Sessions are available with Kimberly Schehrer, MA. Kimberly’s degree is in Counseling Psychology and she has 20 years experience working with parents. “Sometimes we need objective professional feedback to perceive our challenges in a different light and to become aware of different resolutions.” When therapy is not what is needed and instead, you are looking for some sound, quality advice, encouragement, and tools to overcome your present obstacle then these parent sessions are for you! Likewise, if you need some tips on how to more effectively relate with your teen regarding school, interpersonal communication, or other issues, these sessions may be your answer at last! Each 50-minute session is confidential and various tools are offered to assist you to improve almost any situation with your teen.

Free Parent Support GroupNumber one myth buster:  Your teen does listen to you.  Your influence is of great magnitude and while your teen may disagree, we say, your teen needs you! We are   devoted to provide valuable information and insights to support you with your teen’s journey into adulthood. It isn’t easy for you or your teen and we understand that. Our free parent groups are an hour in length once a month and we speak at various venues. Topics vary upon request. A few common areas include:

  •  How do I negotiate with my teen and set appropriate boundaries?
  •  What is Active Listening exactly?
  • How can I help my teen see a different perspective?
  •  What are realistic goals for my teen?

Parents are so significant during this critical time of adolescence.  Often, parents feel they have lost control as their teen searches for his identity and purpose as separate from his parents. Adolescence is an art. Often, it requires more from parents than from your teen.

” . . . I felt hopeless. After talking with Kimberly, I felt peace and that my daughter’s world is her oyster. You are a gift to moms, dads, and teens.”

– Diane S.

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